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At present, the Gaming industry is one of the world’s largest entertainment industry and NVIDIA’s products are providing it with the most significant platform. The company has pioneered in making products that have fueled the massive scale of gaming market by the insatiable demand for better 3D graphics. They have the capability to make games more immersive and photorealistic. Nvidia has evolved GPU into a PC brain with the virtual reality, artificial intelligence and high-performance computing.

Nvidia users might come across some difficulties. If you have some questions in your mind which are disturbing you, feel free to connect with us. We listen to you, discuss the topic and provide you with best recommendations. Here we have given answers to some of the favorite questions. If you have any Nvidia frequently asked question, don’t hesitate to place a call and clear your doubts with one of our executives.

Don’t know what to do if the Nvidia software installation fails?

Sometimes the Nvidia Graphics Driver or the installer package of the Nvidia GeForce experience application fails to download and install. The exact error condition cannot be rectified but they can be caused due to an incorrect system state. If you fail to install the software, at first, you should reboot the device. If that doesn’t help, then stop all of Nvidia applications to run and remove the registry keys. Now try to reinstall.

Failed to set up multiple monitors at a time?

For solving these issues, ensure that both the monitors should be connected to the Nvidia-based graphics card. Then open the Nvidia Control Panel and select “Set up multiple Displays” option from there. Click apply. If you still fail to set up, call us at our helpline number to get requires solutions.

Don’t know which graphics card supports dual display?

In order to get support for dual monitors, it is necessary that the graphics card must include two ports. These will allow two monitors to get connected to the PC. At present, all of GeForce and Quadro family of GPUs support dual monitors. The only exception is Quadro NVS GPUs which includes a DMS connector.

Apart from that, the users might have different questions on their mind or different issues which they are facing, such as:

⦁    Nvidia OpenGL driver lost connection with the display driver

⦁    Don’t know from where you can download the Geforce MAC or PC App

⦁    Having a problem in identifying the Graphics card model and Device ID in a PC

Services that we provide to our clients:

⦁    Provide support for installing and arranging multiple monitors by using extended or DualView desktop

⦁    Helps in setting up multiple monitors

⦁    Solve all issues relating to Nvidia installation

⦁    Setup your Nvidia based graphics card to work with HDTV

⦁    Provide support for dual displays

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