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Nvidia is the world leader in manufacturing GPU (a high-performance processor which generates interactive graphics on workstations), mobile devices, game consoles, personal computers and in visual computing technologies. The American company serves the professional design and visualization market with its Quadro products, entertainment and consumer market with its GeForce products and the high- performance computer market with its Tesla products.

Graphics or video cards are external hardware components, which is integrated into the motherboard for displaying graphics. A graphics card has its cooling system but due to immense power that it consumes, it generates a lot of heat. Often it has been found that the users are experiencing problems with their graphics cards. If you are one of them, call us at our Nvidia Phone Number to take assistance.

Is your Graphics card not working Call Nvidia Phone Number

There are many causes of graphics or video card failure, such as:

⦁    Your graphics card is not properly installed in the computer

⦁    Dust particles and lint are accumulated in the Graphics card slots

⦁    Too much overclocking can also cause video card failure

⦁    Due to blackouts and power surges

You can fix this issue by changing the drivers as they can be older or outdated. Also, ensure that you have updated your graphics card. You should be sure enough that the graphics card is seated correctly.

Does your GPU overheat?

If your GPU heats a lot, this might crash your computer. You need to check your CPU settings in BIOS to troubleshoot the issue. If there is some issue in its specifications, it might be due to bad seal of thermal paste. Therefore, it is advised to clean and reapply the thermal paste. You should also check your CPU’s fan that should be devoid of any dust particles and verify your BIOS against your CPU’s manufacturer. If still, the problem persists, call our experts to solve out the issue.

Did you fail to fix your display issues after updating Windows 10?

While updating Windows 10, many users encounter different issues. Some of these include flickering of the screen, black screen, no sound, no Wi-Fi, etc. An easy way to solve this problem is by updating the latest graphics driver from the manufacturer’s site. But if you fail to, take our remote support. We are available 24×7 to provide you with the best solutions.

Assistance that we offer to our clients:

⦁    Helps in installing the latest motherboard chipset drivers

⦁    Provide support for uninstalling the old display drivers and install the latest display drivers

⦁    Underclock your video cards

⦁    Test your CPU and RAM to diagnose any problems in them

⦁    Modify your AGP parameters and stable it by slowing down

⦁    Help in physical check for any hardware and software issue

Reach us instantly: Nvidia Customer Support Service

You can avail our quality support service by calling us at our toll-free Nvidia Support Phone Number. You might even take the support of email service by emailing us at our email address. Through our comprehensive online live interaction support, you can resolve many problems without having to wait. We provide you with 100% guaranteed service with full customer’s satisfaction.


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